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University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum 7267221 views
2:24 University of Florida student Andrew Meyer is Tasered and arrested after causing a disturbance at a town hall forum, which featured Senator John Kerry, at th...
Ym & Taze #Ghetto - Behind Curtains | Video by @PacmanTV 30210 views
3:47 If you would like a music video like this one contact @PacmanTV.
Taze #Ghetto - Take you out your glory | Video by @PacmanTV @TazeSho 14795 views
3:9 If you would like a music video like this one contact @PacmanTV.
Hospital security choke, taze man in wheelchair, Macomb County, MI 32691 views
2:48 This video was recorded by Richard Carman, who shared it on Facebook. I did not witness the incident, but made this video to make it easier to share with oth...
Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's. 1502840 views
10:44 Contains Graphic images. Protestors at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada take on the Feds and stand their ground. Video courtesy of the Pete Santilli Sh...
Shocking Videos Cop is Forced to Taze Dumb Fat Black Woman 88950 views
1:23 Shocking Videos Cop is Forced to Taze Dumb Fat Black Woman.
Çalıkuşu 27.bölüm Şarkısı - Ankarada Yedim Taze Meyvayı ( FULL ) 22630 views
3:11 Aliye Mutlu, dizide "Katina" rolünde. şarkı: Ankara'da Yedim Taze Meyvayı Twitter: www.twitter.com/aliyemutlu Facebook: www.facebook.com/aliyemutluTMC Web: w...
Actual Patrol Car Video of Victor Steen being tazed and run over MURDERED by POLICE 41410 views
3:2 WARNING! This video is graphic and disturbing. It is the actual patrol car video from Oct 3 2009. The patrol car is operated by Officer Gerald Ard of the Pen...
"Imma Get You Bitch" Full Incident Video- Cops Season 24 Ep 21 419991 views
6:31 Here is the full clip of the incredible "imma get you bitch" event. With some quick research, I found the episode and should hopefully settle some questions....
Police Fatally Shoot, Taze, & Kick Teen Holding a Knife (Video) 4 views
6:47 Police Fatally Shoot, Taze, & Kick Teen Holding a Knife (Video)
The BJ Shea Video Blog 09/16/08 Day 609 "Taze The Rev" 4276 views
6:27 Today's Video Blog features us messing with the Rev with the Stun Gun!
Video 2 taze 139 views
0:23 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Video Of 72 Year Old Woman Being Tased By Police 195297 views
3:45 Please refer to the original news story and interview to see how the officer lied and said that the woman got out of the car to act violently. He also stated...
California Police Brutality Break into private residence and taze person filming.mp4 - | 2014 456 views
2:12 Best Funny Videos 1:55 Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS - BEST EPIC FAIL Compilation - Funny Videos 2014 Funny Videos 2014 - Fails Compilation, Funny Pranks and ...
Webcam video from March 12, 2013 5:11 AM 586 views
1:1 tazefakiie no fanboy.
Ma'am get outta the car or ima taze u! ZAPPED 86 views
1:48 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
The Original Tazered Less 1091527 views
3:14 Jacob Less, the king of the hobos, gets jumped by OPP near Brantford, Ontario. The cops refuse to tell him why they are trying to arrest him, and he refuses ...
COD Black Ops 2 [TaZe] Clan Baby! 44 views
6:44 What up everyone here's one of my a great matches of Domination representing TaZe clan. I hope you enjoy and again sorry for the poor quality of this video i...
Dj X-Taze - Tour 2013 (Aftermovie) 301 views
2:44 Vidéos by Franco-Video Toutes les vidéos 2012-2013 réunis dans cette aftermovie Musique : Dj X-Taze - Bass Drop (OUT 04/02/14) https://soundcloud.com/djx-taz...