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HOT PEPPER DARE 928486 views
8:37 Set & Jerrell's channel: http://youtube.com/TheHomelessHeroes Scott's channel: http://youtube.com/ScottKinmartinTV Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/P...
DARE 6: JAMAICAN HOT PEPPER CHALLENGE!!! | Heyyoshanna 605466 views
5:56 Me and 4 different types of hot a$$ peppers! Da fuk have I gotten myself into?!?!?! Dont do this challenge I've still got "fire-poop" happening 3 days later!...
I take on a HOT PEPPER dare! 73232 views
2:41 Get your own official tabs24x7Official merch! http://www.districtlines.com/tabs24x7official My mouth serious would NOT stop BURNING!!! It was AWFUL! I DO NOT...
Crushed red hot pepper dare 261 views
3:44 Two crazy people eating hot peppers!!!
HOT PEPPER DARE!!! 51 views
7:57 Chance, Jordan, Jacob, Grace, and Kacy eating hot peppers.
Hot Pepper Dare 246 views
3:36 Vanessa never turns down a dare. She eats a hot pepper covered in hot salsa at Rubios ..... then drinks the remaining salsa.
Hot Pepper Dare 111 views
1:32 This wss horrible. ..
Hot Pepper Dare I guess xD 36 views
6:8 Never dare me to do anything because you will loose your money.
Hot Pepper Dare 4 views
3:21 Fuck those stupid hot peppers!!!
Hot pepper dare! 37 views
2:45 via youtube Capture.
Hot pepper Dare 31 views
3:58 we were dared to eat a hot pepper and we did... just so you know it sucked!!!! we need more dares! please.
Hot pepper dare bigglasses 16 views
0:50 hot pepper dare definately the hardest one yet enjoy.
Dare #5 "Hot Pepper Series" 83 views
1:42 Smokin' Ed Currie has created a winner here with another one of his experimental capsaicin amalgams!! "I Dare You Stupit" hot sauce from Smokin' Ed Currie an...
Hot pepper dare workin at mcdonalds! 61 views
2:43 austinkopp's Webcam Video from February 1, 2012 03:20 PM.
"I Dare You Stupit" Hot Sauce Review - PuckerButt Pepper Company 539 views
6:22 She dared me.. I don't back down.
hot pepper dare 26 views
2:27 Sitting at a well-known diner at 1am on the last day of 2008 - I was dared to eat one of those hot, little, green demons.
Hot Pepper Dare 23 views