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HOT PEPPER DARE 1034120 views
8:37 Set & Jerrell's channel: http://youtube.com/TheHomelessHeroes Scott's channel: http://youtube.com/ScottKinmartinTV Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/P...
DARE 6: JAMAICAN HOT PEPPER CHALLENGE!!! | Heyyoshanna 668460 views
5:56 Me and 4 different types of hot a$$ peppers! Da fuk have I gotten myself into?!?!?! Dont do this challenge I've still got "fire-poop" happening 3 days later!...
Crushed red hot pepper dare 293 views
3:44 Get your own official tabs24x7Official merch! http://www.districtlines.com/tabs24x7official My mouth serious would NOT stop BURNING!!! It was AWFUL! I DO NOT...
I take on a HOT PEPPER dare! 73617 views
2:41 See what BFvsGF, Scott, Set & Jerrell was doing in the Arcade (Coin operated game) and it shown PLAYING MAXIMUM TUNE 4!!! YEAH!!! BFvsGF's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqIqRzEge-Qvt4I...
0:39 Two crazy people eating hot peppers!!!
HOT PEPPER DARE!!! 66 views
7:57 Chance, Jordan, Jacob, Grace, and Kacy eating hot peppers.
Hot Pepper Dare 256 views
3:36 Vanessa never turns down a dare. She eats a hot pepper covered in hot salsa at Rubios ..... then drinks the remaining salsa.
Hot Pepper Dare 114 views
1:32 Never dare me to do anything because you will loose your money.
Hot pepper dare! 45 views
2:45 we were dared to eat a hot pepper and we did... just so you know it sucked!!!! we need more dares! please.
The Kato and Mags Show: The Hot Pepper Dare! 85 views
3:37 Smokin' Ed Currie has created a winner here with another one of his experimental capsaicin amalgams!! "I Dare You Stupit" hot sauce from Smokin' Ed Currie an...
"I Dare You Stupit" Hot Sauce Review - PuckerButt Pepper Company 681 views
6:22 Sitting at a well-known diner at 1am on the last day of 2008 - I was dared to eat one of those hot, little, green demons.
Hot Pepper Dare 5 views
3:21 Previous(#1449) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjSWXRQPb7U TweetUs: @ErikTV365 & @MomOfTheZillas | Facebook: /eriktv365 MERCHANDISE = http://ErikTV365.Spr...
Hot Pepper Dare NYE 2008 191 views
1:44 Fuck those stupid hot peppers!!!
Red Pepper Dare 690 views
16:3 hot pepper dare definately the hardest one yet enjoy.
Hot pepper Dare 35 views
3:58 via youtube Capture.
Dare #5 "Hot Pepper Series" 87 views
1:42 hot pepper dare definately the hardest one yet enjoy.
Hot pepper dare bigglasses 18 views
0:50 If the TROOF sets you free then DARES kill yo ass! Watch my 3rd world butt go up against my whitebread bff and see who emerges victorious in the hot pepper s...