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Dog Fight - Pitbulls Fight to the Death 3323 views
4:12 Nice fights Of Two Dogs To Death.
2:16 razers edge / Gotti Boy is blue 6 months girl is blue fawn tri. 4 months.
Lion vs Tiger (Only Real Fight) - One Will Die 1897147 views
5:25 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: http://goo.gl/pE0NbP △△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△ The only lion versus tiger real fight is on record! Dat...
13:58 Their use in these horrific fights gave pit bulls and rottweilers an unjust reputation of being aggressive and hostile. As with any other dog breed, it's the...
Biggest wild animal fights !! 18344819 views
3:40 animals hunters that fight among them.
Pitbull Fight to The Death!!!! 10896 views
1:56 One Austrailian Shepard/Pitbull, 9 Months old, Fighting a 2-3 Month old Tiger Striped Brindle Pitbull. The most vicious pitbull fight caught on tape yet. Thi...
Top Ten Big Bad Guard Dogs - Kangal, Pitbull, Tibetan Mastiff 188419 views
2:15 Top ten Big Bad Guard Dogs! Subscribe for more videos like this! Dogs included in no particular order: Pitbull, Rottweiler, German Shepard, Tibetan Mastiff, ...
Doberman vs. Pitbull play Fight to the death 1749915 views
4:28 Zulu doberman and Blue pitbull with endless energy go on play fighting forever, or until the camera runs out of battery power.
dogs Fight to the death! (pitbull vs australlian shepard) 591913 views
0:29 Hello everyone. I'm sorry to say that the comments and ratings have been disabled. ~SUBSCRIBE!!! poweredpanda~ of course its fake i was just randomly recordi...
Brutal Dogfight, Dogfight to Death, Champion Pitbulls, Real Dog Fight 23775 views
1:20 Brutal Dogfight, Dogfight to Death, Champion Pitbulls. http://k9athletics.webs.com/ Not what you expected. Good! Half of you are looking for something that y...
Out of the Pit - Dog Fighting in Chicago (pitbull documentary) 2254377 views
65:33 More at http://huntgameworkdogs.com/ This gritty urban documentary chronicles the underground world of dog fighting in a city where it has become an epidemic...
Killer Pitbull vs little pussy cat on NYC street. 704253 views
3:21 Motorcycles shops' cat has stand-off with the tire shops' Pitbull.
Pitbull fight 1528788 views
2:48 My pups are older now and they still love to play with each other! Unstoppable duo! Best friends!
Caucasian Shepherd fights Pitbull 84146 views
3:16 This is the latest excellent video from Ciddy Fonteboa, who tells us an inspiring story about her rescued pit bull Oompa, who escaped the horrors of dog figh...
Pit Bull Fighting.flv 9769992 views
4:58 Dog Town part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6NayTd_MjA http://www.bestfriends.org/vickdogs/ The Vicktory Dogs We call them the Vicktory Dogs - 22 pit bul...
Dog Town part 1---Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue 54013 views
5:3 DOG ATTACK: ROTTWEILER vs PITBULL. ROTTWEILER BITES OFF IDIOT'S FINGER [GRAPHIC] This video has been recorded in a village in Eastern Europe, where gypsies o...