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Best Dog Fight On Youtube. Pitbulls Fight to the Death! 3684044 views
6:31 Two game pit bull go at until one of them drops. Watch it before it gets flagged.
2:16 razers edge / Gotti Boy is blue 6 months girl is blue fawn tri. 4 months.
Pitbull Fight to The Death!!!! 7747094 views
1:56 One Austrailian Shepard/Pitbull, 9 Months old, Fighting a 2-3 Month old Tiger Striped Brindle Pitbull. The most vicious pitbull fight caught on tape yet. Thi...
13:58 Their use in these horrific fights gave pit bulls and rottweilers an unjust reputation of being aggressive and hostile. As with any other dog breed, it's the...
brutal dog fight pitbull attack fights till the death 1670996 views
1:19 Pitbull plays with orange peels....
Doberman vs. Pitbull play Fight to the death 21732 views
4:28 Zulu doberman and Blue pitbull with endless energy go on play fighting forever, or until the camera runs out of battery power.
Brutal Dogfight, Dogfight to Death, Champion Pitbulls, Real Dog Fight 469 views
1:20 Brutal Dogfight, Dogfight to Death, Champion Pitbulls. http://k9athletics.webs.com/ Not what you expected. Good! Half of you are looking for something that y...
Dog fight 2 pitbulls fight to the death 590799 views
1:1 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
dogs Fight to the death! (pitbull vs australlian shepard) 618451 views
0:29 Hello everyone. I'm sorry to say that the comments and ratings have been disabled. ~SUBSCRIBE!!! poweredpanda~ of course its fake i was just randomly recordi...
Killer Pitbull vs little pussy cat on NYC street. 38 views
3:21 Motorcycles shops' cat has stand-off with the tire shops' Pitbull.
real fight to the death 9249828 views
1:46 fight to the death quotes real pitbull fight to the death pitbulls fighting to death for real real life sword fight to the death real sword fight to the death fight to the death real life fight...
pitbulls dogs fight to death 4201 views
0:32 2014 dogs kill eachothers fight mortal.
Biggest wild animal fights !! 15904 views
3:40 animals hunters that fight among them.
pitbull fight 5405 views
1:14 pitbull fight on stage pitbull fighting dogs pitbull fights police dog pitbull fights rottweiler pitbull fights great dane pitbull fights fan pitbull fights ...
Pitbull dog fight man 28316 views
1:22 Pitbull owner tore in China in China's own Pitbull 7 months ago to attack people died as a result of the incident appeared in images.
PITBULL FIGHT 15541 views
6:56 These dogs were fighting till the death I swear!!!!
pitbulls fight to the death.MOV views
1:20 they r super old vids there are both now in a 30 by 30 dog pin i don't breed dogs to fight if you comment racism or dumb remarks i will write u back both hav...
Pitbull fight to the death views
1:51 Chula and leeloo tearing up a poor duck.